Monkey in India 'showers' a crowd with rupee notes taken from a nearby house

Primates seeking food find 'bread' of the inedible kind instead
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Published : 09/14/14
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An Indian macaque monkey decided to become a philanthropist with someone’s money as he showered Indian rupee notes on a crowd in the northern Indian state of Himachal Pradesh, according to a Sept. 2 story posted on

Macaque monkeys are considered sacred by Hindus, who often feed them.

“The monkey had entered a house to look for food, but when it did not find anything to eat, it took the money. ... 

“The cash-dispensing simian was first spotted sitting on a tin roof with a bundle of currency notes before it playfully started throwing them down one-by-one. 

“As people began collecting notes of various denominations, the monkey moved on to a tree. 

“But as it continued to distribute money, many people rushed there to pick up the falling notes.”

Some 300,000 monkeys live in the state and Shimla has long been a haven for the animals. But in recent years, the animals have been coming increasingly in conflict with humans, destroying crops, attacking people for food and biting children.

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