Bank of Israel issues new 50-shekel notes with poet portrait into circulation on Sept. 16

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Published : 09/16/14
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On Sept. 16 the Bank of Israel released into circulation its new 50-shekel note.

“The new banknotes have a standard of security, innovation and accessibility that is among the most advanced in the world, and they incorporate a range of leading edge anti-counterfeiting security features, created through various technologies. In addition, the new banknotes include special features to aid the blind and vision impaired,” according to a news release from the bank.

The new notes feature the likeness of Saul Tchernichovsky (1875 to 1943), a Russian-born Hebrew poet, on the face. The back design shows capitals of Corinthian columns in reference to parts of the poet’s compositions and his translation of ancient Greek literature.

Microtext on the face of the note features a line from Tchernichovsky’s poem “Oh, My Land, My Homeland,” including the words “the bouquet of spring orchards” that inspired the design of a citrus tree and fruits on the face of the note.

The new notes have green as their background color.

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