1928 rare Iceland 5-krona note to be offered by London Coins in Sept. 6 to 7 auction

Intricately engraved background and a portrait of King Christian X are featured on the note's face
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Published : 08/22/14
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A scarce Iceland 5-króna note dated 1928 will be among the notes offered by London Coins during its Sept. 6 to 7 auction at its offices in London.

The note features an intricately engraved background on the face, with a right-facing portrait of King Christian X. The back displays an engraving of a majestic-looking gyrfalcon flanked by vine-like engraving.

Gyrfalcon males can be 19 to 24 inches long and weigh up to 3 pounds while females can be up to 26 inches long and weigh more than 4 pounds.

The catalog describes the note as having a small rust spot on the left edge on the face side. The description also indicates the note was “lightly pressed” and the firm grades the note Extremely Fine to Good Extremely Fine. The note is estimated to bring £200 to £300 or about $335 to $502 in U.S. funds.

For more information about the note and other lots in Auction 146, visit the firm’s website or email the firm at info@londoncoins.co.uk.

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