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Rios-autographed sheet of 2009A $100 notes thrills Wilson

Collector Nancy Wilson of Florida had a thrilling experience during the recent American Numismatic Association National Money Show.

She was first in line at the show in Atlanta to receive a special autograph from Treasurer of the United States Rosa “Rosie” Gumataotao Rios on an uncut sheet of Series 2009A $100 Federal Reserve notes.

Feb. 27 was the first day of sale for the uncut sheets. The sheets were available for purchase at the Bureau of Engraving and Printing’s booth at the show.

All of the notes bear the facsimile signatures of Treasurer Rios and former Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner.

Wilson said she got in line about an hour before Rios started her autograph session.

“I always plan on being in line to get the Treasurer’s autograph on the current Federal Reserve notes,” Wilson said. “She will sign two notes (or items) per person. She will take your used money and give you new notes that have her engraved signature on them.”

Wilson said she didn’t plan on purchasing one of the uncut sheets but “when my husband John walked by I told him I was number one in line for the Treasurer’s signing. He said ‘great’ and headed right over to the BEP booth and obtained a four-subject $100 sheet.”

By the time of the actual signing of notes by the treasurer, the line had grown to more than 50 people behind her.

“Treasurer Rosie Rios was very willing to autograph and make sure everyone in line was taken care of — even staying well past the time allotted for her signing,” Wilson said. “This was the first day of issue for the sheets, and we figured that she possibly would place a number one designation on the sheet. With a number one designation, the sheet would be special and have historical value.”

Wilson said her husband bought the sheet “only minutes before she was to start autographing Federal Reserve notes, souvenir cards and other items that were being sold at their [BEP] booth. I handed her the sheet of notes for her to sign. She was very nice and signed all four notes on the sheet and placed a #1 designation on the top note plus the date 2/27/14. She was happy to do that for me.”

Wilson described herself as “thrilled that I received an autographed sheet that was signed by our U.S. Treasurer Rosie Rios. This sheet will be a great addition to our paper money collection. It will be a day that both John and I will remember always.”

The uncut sheets are available for purchase directly from the BEP in four-, eight- and 16-subject sheet sizes and are priced at $480, $920 and $1,776, respectively. The price for the 16-subject sheet is good through July 4, after which the price will be $1,800.

To order the sheets, telephone the BEP at 800-456-3408 or go to the website at

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