Bank of Israel unveils new 50-shekel note design

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Published : 03/21/14
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New designs for the 50-shekel notes of Israel will honor poet Saul Tchernichovsky, according to a March 2 news release from the Bank of Israel.

The face of the note features a portrait of Tchernichovsky along with images of citrus fruit and leaves. Tchernichovsky’s poem, “Oh, My Land, My Homeland,” was the inspiration for the face design. The poem contains the words “the bouquet of spring orchards.”

The back design shows capitals of Corinthian columns in reference to parts of the poet’s compositions and his translation of ancient Greek literature.

In addition to a new design, the 50-shekel notes will have a new background color — green. The color of the current design is a deep purple

The Bank of Israel began providing samples to manufacturers, suppliers and operators of vending, counting, and sorting machines in February so they can begin calibrating the machines to accept the new bank note, according to a news release from the bank.

The 50-shekel note will begin showing up in circulation later this year, according to the bank’s schedule.

New anticounterfeiting features added to the new design include the use of color-shifting ink and latent images that can be seen only at a certain angle.

According to a story published March 5 in the Times of Israel, Moti Fine, the currency director for the Bank of Israel, declined to go into detail about the security features saying only that “the bank wanted to stay as far ahead of counterfeiters as possible.”

The bank plans to redesign all other denominations in the future.

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