Program's theme focuses on 'Ideals in Allegory'

Published : 03/27/13
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June 2 is the deadline to subscribe to the Bureau of Engraving and Printing’s 2013 Intaglio Print subscription program.

The subscription program guarantees collectors will receive the cards for this year’s “Ideals in Allegory” program.

The subscription program costs $51, which is $9 less than if collectors purchase each card individually. The individual cards are priced at $20 each, according to a BEP news release.

The first day of sale for the intaglio print featuring an allegorical figure of Peace is June 3; the second print, with an allegorical figure of Justice, will be offered beginning on July 8; and the third card, depicting an allegorical figure of Liberty, will be available beginning Aug. 13.

Each intaglio print will ship to subscription customers after its first day of sale.

To subscribe, visit the website, or order by telephone by calling toll free 800-456-3408 or by toll-free fax at 888-891-7585. ■

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