CSNS currency auction realizes $3.9 million-plus

Series 1905 $20 gold certificate tops bidding in Heritage sale
Published : 04/26/12
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The Heritage Signature currency auction during the Central States Numismatic convention realized $3,945,834.

The auction of more than 1,800 lots of U.S. and world paper money took place April 18 to 20 in Schaumburg, Ill.

The note attracting the largest bid of the auction at $138,000 was a Series 1905 $20 gold certificate, Friedberg 1179 (Paper Money of the United States by Arthur L. Friedberg and Ira S. Friedberg), graded Superb Gem Uncirculated 67 Exceptional Paper Quality by Paper Money Guaranty. The catalog indicates this note is the “lone third party graded Superb Gem Fr. 1179 to ever be offered to the collecting community, with nothing close to it in regards to condition” since the offering of another example of the note in a 1999 Currency Auctions of America sale.

The note grabbing the second-largest winning bid was a Series 1934 $10,000 Federal Reserve note, graded PMG Uncirculated 62, which realized $86,250. The note was part of the Binion Hoard formerly on display at the millionaire’s entryway to Binion’s Horseshoe Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.

For more information about the auction write to Heritage Auctions, 3500 Maple Ave., Dallas, TX 75219, or contact the firm by telephone at 800-872-6467 or on the firm’s website at www.HA.com/currency.

Some American and U.S. highlights:

April 11, 1778, $5 Continental Currency note, PMG About Uncirculated 55, $1,840.

April 29, 1780, $5 New Hampshire note, all signatures are visible and the note is uncanceled, PCGS Currency Extremely Fine 40, $1,265.

Third Issue 10-cent fractional currency note, PCGS Currency Gem New 66 Premium Paper Quality, $546.25.

Fourth Issue 15-cent fractional currency note, PCGS Currency Gem New 65 PPQ, $488.75.

March 1, 1863, $2 obsolete note issued by the State of Florida (Tallahassee), punch canceled, PCGS Currency Choice About New 58 PPQ, $431.25.

$3 obsolete note proof for the Millville Bank (Millville, N.J.), punch canceled, PCGS Currency Gem New 66 PPQ, $690.

$3 obsolete note proof for the Forest City Bank (Cleveland, Ohio), punch canceled, PMG Choice Uncirculated 64, $690.

1861 Confederate States of America $10 note, PMG Choice AU 58, $1,265.

1863 Confederate States of America $100 note, PMG Choice Uncirculated 63 Exceptional Paper Quality, $373.75.

Series 1902 $20 national bank note for the First National Bank of Ringling (Oklahoma), F-657, PMG Choice Fine 15, $575.

Series 1928D $2 United States note, F-1505, PMG Superb Gem Uncirculated 67 EPQ, $623.50.

Series 1933 $10 silver certificate, F-1700, PMG AU-53, $10,350.

Series 1928 $20 Federal Reserve note, F-2050A, PMG AU 50 EPQ, $632.50.

Series 1934A $1,000 Federal Reserve note, F-2212G, PCGS Currency Gem New 65 PPQ, $6,037.50.

Series 1934 $10,000 Federal Reserve note, F-2231C, PCGS Currency About New 50, margin repairs described in catalog, $57,500.

Series 1880 $2 United States note, F-56, PCGS Currency Superb Gem New 67 PPQ, $6,900.

Series 1899 $5 silver certificate, F-271, PMG AU-55, $2,070.

Series 1891 $20 Treasury or coin note, F-375, PCGS Currency Very Choice New 64, $10,062.50.

Series 1918 $2 Federal Reserve Bank note, F-749, PMG Choice AU-58 EPQ, $1,552.50.

Series 1918 $5 Federal Reserve Bank note, F-804, PMG EF-40 EPQ, $1,495.

Series 1914 $20 Federal Reserve note, F-965, PCGS Currency EF-40 PPQ, $862.50.

Series 1900 $10,000 gold certificate, F-1225h, PMG Choice Uncirculated 64, $4,312.50. ■

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