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National park quarters set with misprinted certificate

An unknown number of certificates of authenticity accompanying the 2014 Great Smoky Mountains National Park three-coin quarter set have the date for the park's establishment listed as 1962, and not 1926.

Image courtesy of Michael Bruni.

U.S. Mint officials have acknowledged to collectors who ordered the three-coin 2014 Great Smoky Mountains National Park quarter dollar set that the certificate of authenticity has a misprint on the date for the park's establishment.

The park was congressionally recognized on May 22, 1926, but the COAs have the year transposed as 1962.

The misprint was brought to Coin World's attention by collector Michael Bruni.

"I ordered and received a three coin Great Smoky Mountains set from the US Mint a few months back and then a few days later a separate letter from the mint explaining there was an error in the package wording," Bruni said in a Nov. 5 email. "I haven’t heard anyone talking about this. Not sure how many of these are in the ‘wild’ or if the mint got around to correcting it on new orders — just thought I’d pass this along in case its gone un-noticed."

Through Nov. 2, the Mint recorded sales of 16,285 of the three-coin sets. It was not disclosed how many of those sets contain the misprinted COA.

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