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Nancy Reagan First Spouse coin designs reviewed by CCAC

The Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee has made its design recommendations for the 2016 Nancy Reagan First Spouse gold coin and medal. 

For the obverse design, the CCAC selected the design that is favored by the former first lady Nancy Reagan. For the reverse, a pair of designs were discussed.

Nancy Reagan favored reverse design No. 9, which U.S. Mint officials conceded needs more work, and the CCAC recommended including more children. The CCAC liked reverse design No. 5, but suggested that it be reworked to portray Nancy Reagan's hand against that of a child.

The decision to produce a Ronald Reagan Presidential dollar coin and Nancy Reagan First Spouse Series coin was announced in February, superseding the less than popular previous U.S. Mint statements that the programs would end in 2016 with the production of the Gerald Ford Presidential dollar and Elizabeth "Betty" Ford First Spouse gold coin.

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Nancy Reagan would be the first living person put on a U.S. coin since 1995, when Eunice Shriver (née Kennedy) was put on the 1995 Special Olympics World Games silver dollar.

The CCAC's Reagan recommendations came during the second day of the body's June meeting. On June 16, the CCAC made recommendations for the U.S. Mint's 2016 National Park Service commemorative coins, and congressional gold medals for the Selma Foot Soldiers and Borinqueneers.

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Below is a comprehensive collection of the designs reviewed by the CCAC on June 17 for the Nancy Reagan First Spouse Series gold coin and medal. 

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