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Mint updates sales figures for American $1 Coin and Currency set

The 2014-D Native American dollar in the American $1 Coin & Currency set has an Enhanced Uncirculated finish and is available only in the set.

Images courtesy of U.S. Mint

This story was updated Dec. 17 with the latest sales information.

The United States Mint has sold out the 50,000-set edition of the 2014 American $1 Coin and Currency sets, according to sales figures released Dec. 16.

The coin contains an Enhanced Uncirculated 2014-D Native American dollar, a coin that is available only in the set. 

Mint officials failed to disclose the uniqueness of the coin in the set (which also features a Series 2013 $1 note) when it initially announced the set. Once the nature of the coin was identified, the set became a hot property among U.S. Mint customers. The set has been taken periodically off sale with an "Out-of-stock" notice accompanying the set's order page.

Examples of the sets have been offered for sale on eBay at "buy it now" prices ranging from $15 and more above the set's issue price. Completed sales on eBay have been at the $28 to $31 price level for single sets. Several transactions have been recorded for sales featuring multiple sets.

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