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Social media reacts to release of U.S. Mint's silver Kennedy set

The talk of the numismatic world Tuesday is the release of the four-coin 50th Anniversary Kennedy 2014 Half-Dollar Silver Coin Collection from the U.S. Mint. 

Naturally, Coin World had to get its Facebook followers to opine on the day's events, especially since this is the first big release since the Mint debuted its new order management system.   

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Here are a few of the comments Coin World received on Facebook posts just before the release and just after

  • Jonathan Rufus Whitfield: "My dad and I got through fairly quick. Our order was complete about five minutes after opening."
  • Phil N. Molé: "I got mine without a hitch. It took a little over an hour for the system to send me an order confirmation, though, but it eventually came. No real complaints."
  • Mike Johnson: "Very smooth."
  • Tony Redick: "Worked great! I got 2 sets ordered by 9:04."
  • Grove Minting Company: "Picked up a set today with guest checkout. The new website interface was smooth and easy. Looking forward to delivery in a few weeks!"
  • Michael Bruni: "Yup. Can't place order with either valid account or as guest. Says 'Household limit exceeded' even though I haven't ordered yet and just want one. Just got off the phone with customer service. They can't order for me either - same error. They're having supervisor look into it and call me back. This was all after trying for an hour to get through to them, just kept getting busy signal on the phone. I've ordered other items successfully recently......"
  • Michael Bruni: "Just to circle back - issue was resolved by Mint staff. Some users were getting the 'limit' issue with their accounts and it has been sorted. They asked me to re-submit, which I did and the order went through."
  • John B Ellingson: "Went through fast no wait. 3 sets on the way 7 days"
  • Carl Doore: "No problem, 5 mins. start to finish”
  • Jacob Norton: "Had my 5 sets ordered by 12:04. Super fast.”
  • Cal Goddard: "Flawless super swift, with zero issues!”
  • Scott Hoppe: "I dont see any reason to purchase this item today since silver has lost value. I wouldnt mind owning a set just not paying that much.”
  • Phil N. Molé: "Silver has lost value - but this set will not. This set's value is as a collector's item rather than as silver bullion. Once this sells out, premiums on them will rise."

Coin World's Facebook page wasn't the only place social media users were chiming in on the latest Kennedy release. Check out the Storify compilation of related tweets below. 

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