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Designs for €2 coin for European flag anniversary due March 20

The European Flag features 12 stars that are seen on every 1-euro and 2-euro coin in the eurozone. A joint 2-euro coin program in 2015 will honor the flag's 30th anniversary.

Image courtesy of the European Commission.

Potential artists for a new circulating commemorative €2 coin to be released late in 2015 have just one more day to work on their proposed designs.

The European Commission is sponsoring a design contest for a circulating commemorative €2 coin celebrating 30 years of the European Union flag. All entries are due March 20.

EU citizens  will be able to vote on the design from March 30 to May 9, and the coin is due to begin circulating July 1. 

The coin was a late addition to the €2 coin program for 2015, as Coin World reported after the World Money Fair in Berlin.

Contest details were posted recently at the website for the Central Bank of Cyprus.

According to the brief, the design should visualize the European Flag “as a symbol not only of the European Union but also of Europe’s unity and identity in a wider sense. It should reflect the ideals of solidarity and harmony among the peoples of Europe.”

A euro symbol is allowed in the design, but not the name of the currency.

Certain elements that are required of all €2 coins are also required on this coin. Those include the 12 stars of the European flag on the outer ring, completely surrounding the design, and the year 2015 (which may appear by itself or paired with the 1985 year of the flag, and text identifying the issuing country.

Text should be limited, but if it must be included, should be in English. 

The design must allow room for Mint Marks to be added at the center of the coin, and maps should be avoided, since the common reverse side already features a map of the European Union.

Designers must release copyright for the voting and striking process, but copyright for the winning design will be transferred back to the designer after the competition. 

This will be the fourth subject for which the Eurozone is issuing a joint circulating commemorative €2 coin.

In 2007, the nations marked the 50th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome, which paved the way for the European Union.

In 2009, Eurozone members celebrated the 10th anniversary of the Economic and Monetary Union. The 2012 joint program marked the 10th anniversary of the euro currency.

The ringed-bimetallic €2 coin has a copper-nickel core and copper-aluminum-nickel ring.

The €2 coin weighs 8.5 grams and measures 25.75 millimeters in diameter.

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