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Record gold hoard found in Israel, Ronald Reagan coin planned

Almost 2,000 gold coins from the 11th century Fatimid period were discovered in the ancient harbor in Caesarea National Park.

Image courtesy of IAA

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5. Record price paid for Enhanced Uncirculated 2014-D Native American $1 coin labeled 'Missing Edge Lettering': The only known example realized $12,934.90 in a GreatCollections online auction.

4. Mint to issue another Reverse Proof coin: The Reverse Proof 2015-P Roosevelt dime that's to be in a special set this year is a first for the denomination.

3. Ronald Reagan to be recognized on Presidential dollar, Nancy Reagan on First Spouse gold $10 coin in 2016: This outcome supersedes Mint statements that the programs would end in 2016 with Gerald and Betty Ford.

2. Who does the gold-coin hoard found in Israel belong to?: It is not the members of the diving club who first came across the coins.

1. Israel's largest-ever gold hoard discovery reported at ancient harbor: Nearly 2,000 coins from the 11th century were found by a diving club in an ancient harbor.

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