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Treasure-hunting 10-year-old profiled after finding coin hoard

1. Boy wonder

Ten-year-old Bobby Grangier last summer discovered a hoard of 48 Greek and Roman coins that date back to A.D. 50 near the Eastern Shore of Virginia, according to Delmarva Now

The paper published a profile of the young metal detectorist on Jan. 10 after joining him while he searched a plot of land near his home in Perryhawkin, Md. That day he came across a clump of earth that his metal detector said might contain something special.

"With bare fingers, Bobby crumbled away the coating of dirt when suddenly a thin disc was revealed," the Delmarva Now profile reads. "In the palm of his hand he cradled a worn, smooth, copper English coin with a date of 1772. He may have been the first person to touch the coin since the owner lost it more than 200 years years ago."

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3. What's new on

All 50,000 of the Royal Mint's first £100-for-£100 silver coins featuring Big Ben have been sold. They were released just two weeks ago.

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5. Historian has beef

Historian Marc Morris said the Royal Mint's new circulating commemorative £2 coin celebrating the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta has a historical innaccuracy.

According to a report on, Morris said the depiction of King John holding a quill on the coin's reverse is "a schoolboy error." He said kings did not approve documents at that time by signing them, but instead by sealing them. 

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