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New Liberty designs: What do you think of the CFA recommendations?

Two obverse designs were recommended Jan. 22 by the Commission of Fine Arts for the 2015 High Relief $75 gold coin and companion silver medal.

Images courtesy of United States Mint.

One of the biggest stories of last week was the release of the Commission of Fine Arts obverse and reverse recommendations for the U.S. Mint's 2015 High Relief $75 gold coin. 

If this is the first you're reading about this topic, let Coin World update you.

Coin World correspondent Bill McAllister spoke with several members of the CFA for their opinions of the proposed designs and the CFA's aims in its recommendations. 

In short, they wanted more diversity and less sexuality in their Liberty. 

Before and after McAllister's story was posted, Coin World heard a wide range of opinions about the CFA recommendations—the opinions of our readers via Facebook.

Here is a look at the response we've seen:

  • Bob Journell: "Boy America just keeps getting worse and worse when it comes to coin designs! Just terrible!! And I'm a collector and have been collecting for years"
  • Don McTaggart: "Cartoonish to say the least, better go back and study coinage from 1794-1945"
  • Thomas DeLorey: "One would think that if the Mint is going to make a totally unnecessary, phony denomination High Relief coin just to relieve collectors of more money, they would at least buy us dinner first and get the designs right!"
  • Stephen D. Sutherland: "If you like it buy it! I will stick with Buffalo's ! after the Kennedy we are sticking with the tried and proven purchases, nothing fancy!"
  • Mark Boyle: "Please, not these 2."
  • Richard Hayward II: "Not only a yes, but a HELL YEAH! Love it and why not?" and
    "Unique and beautiful would definitely purchase."
  • Jim Meade: "well at least i'll save $1,400 by not buying this coin…"
  • Robert Lawson: "At least they are not the worst design, but they fall short of being the best looking coins purposed. Then again the women making the recommendations were offended by some of the other designs. WOW, talk about self esteem issues, it's a coin."
  • Coins Of Planet Earth: "There are already many sexualised images of women on coins. Enough already. That reflects only a fraction of women's true contribution to any society. Including western. I like the obverse portrait. Not keen on this particular liberty design."
  • Wayne Aldrich: "Designs like this should be on our circulating coinage."
  • Allan Pechner Jr.: "Terrible designs! No wonder why more collectors are buying Perth Mint, Chinese and Royal Canadian Mint / Monnaie Royale Canadienne products!"
  • Jeremy Russell: "They can keep them both"
  • Brian Childs: "I think they're both terrible."
  • Elijah Homuth: "I like em"
  • Jeff Cergnul: "Lame"
  • Bob Terry: "beautiful"
  • Bryan Eberly: "I'd have to see them on a coin. Right now they look too sharp. Like photos. I don't think that would transcribe to a coin well."
  • Chris-Kimberly Moore: "What happen to the real talent when it comes to designing a coin. The oldies are amazing. These designes almost look like a CAD product. Even if this design is's missing something..maybe some bordering…."
  • Joshua Meldrum: "Horrible"
  • William Phillip Henson: "Would not purchase!"
  • Daniel Pon: "The one on the right is better. The one on the left has too much blank space in front of the face. However, both aren't that inspiring."
  • Ken Forsythe: "Ok.. so its not somebody in US History.. just depicting an African American as Lady Liberty. So my next question is 'why'? There are many African Americans they can depict on their coins to commemorate their contributions to the country.. why change the look of Lady Liberty?"
  • Bob Journell: "That's just terrible!"
  • Maximus Meridius: "What do I think? I think I'll pass on it."
  • Jonathan Rufus Whitfield: "Looks like a 'PC' (politically correctness) design here."
  • Vh Hurtado: "If the coin is massively discounted I'll buy."
  • Noe Cano: "No Way....Will never Buy....unless Free…"
  • Joe Finio: "Both obverse designs can hit the bricks. Do not like either of them. They are both too stylized. None of the Obverses suit me, none of them. I like both of the reverse designs."
What do you think about the CFA's recommended obverse designs? Tell us in the comment section below!

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