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There's a new silver physical bitcoin featuring Leonardo Da Vinci

The silver Da Vinci Ingenium bitcoin round is expected to be on sale in May 2015, according to Infinitum Bitcoins.

Images courtesy of Infinitum Bitcoins

A new silver round that features a vivid portrait of Leonardo da Vinci and is capable of storing bitcoins is set for a spring release from Infinitum Bitcoins

The 2-ounce .999 fine silver Da Vinci Ingenium bitcoin round is expected to be on sale in May 2015, according to Infinitum Bitcoins, and those interested can pre-register to purchase the $239 round now. The item has a limited mintage of 2,222 rounds, each of of which measures 50 millimeters in diameter and 3 millimeters in thickness. 

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Infinitum Bitcoins, which is based in the British Virgin Islands, says the round's design is similar to the style of ancient Rome, with heavy carving providing a "sculpture likeness" to da Vinci's portrait. 

"The coin sets Da Vinci staring forward in deep gaze, contemplating the environment, observing his surroundings, questioning everything," Infinitum's website reads. "The coin comes with a Latin saying 'Actus Genio Sunt, Illi in Nulla re Tempus,' meaning, 'Acts of Genius are Never Lost in Time.' "

The quote is inscribed on the reverse along with infinity symbols separating it from INGENIUM 2015 and DA VINCI. NOT LEGAL TENDER OF ANY GOVERNMENT appears at lower left, and the bitcoin symbol (a modified B) is centered at bottom. On the obverse is inscribed BITCOIN, a mathematical infinity symbol, TWO TROY OZ. .999 FINE SILVER, and LEONARDO DI SER PIERO DA VINCI 1452-1519.

The Da Vinci Ingenium bitcoin rounds do not come pre-loaded with a certain bitcoin value. Instead, the coins are self-funded by the buyer. 

The item comes complete with an interference resistant hologram sticker to be placed on the reverse side to conceal the private key of the bitcoin that funds the round.

The round comes with a numbered certificate of authenticity and a presentation box. 

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