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Coin appraisal online book available free to collectors

"Appraising Your Coin Collection" by Kevin Flynn is a free downloadable reference for coin collectors and others interested in the value of coins.

Image courtesy of Kevin Flynn.

"Appraising Your Coin Collection," an online book just released by numismatic author Kevin Flynn, is available free online to collectors.

Flynn explains the new reference is designed to be a downloadable/viewable/updatable resource for collectors, especially those who want to learn what their coins are worth.

"I have used this in teaching coins at a local college for 50+ year olds," most of whom had coins they had inherited, found, had from childhood, been given, and so on, and they "did not know what they were worth," Flynn said via email.

The reference has three files. 

Flynn explains there is no cost to collectors nor requirement to sign to register for anything. The downloadable text is "for personal use only" and not intended to be privately reproduced for resale, Flynn said.

You can view Flynn's book, or download the entire book by scrolling to the bottom of the cover image, hovering your mouse over the bottom right, and, when symbols appear, clicking on the one that looks like a disk.

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