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CCAC seeks changes to 2015 High Relief gold coin

The Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee has recommended significant changes to the U.S. Mint's 2015 High Relief gold coin.

According to Coin World Washington correspondent Bill McAllister, the CCAC, in its morning meeting on Jan. 27, recommended a denominational change, from $75 to $100, and use of a larger planchet (40.6 millimeters versus 36 millimeters). Both suggestions are contrary to the U.S. Mint's plans.

In addition, CCAC members voted unanimously to recommend two of the the same designs (one obverse and one reverse) for the gold coin recommended by the Commission of Fine Arts in its meeting on Jan. 22, potentially easing the decision of Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew, who is constitutionally empowered to make decisions about coinage designs.

The CCAC and CFA both recommend the Mint's No. 11 obverse. The design depicts Liberty holding an American flag and a torch. Some critics of the design have suggested that the figure resembles actor and director Angelina Jolie. The CFA also recommended a second design.

The CCAC- and CFA-recommended reverse design depicts a bald eagle in flight with a peace branch in its talons. The design, the Mint's No. 1, was one of two the CFA recommended for the gold coin's reverse.

The CCAC also voted unanimously to urge that the high relief coins be made an ongoing Mint series.

Coin World will have additional details as they become available from the meeting.

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