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Boston time capsule contains Pine Tree shilling and other coins

The 18th century time capsule found in Boston was opened last night and its contents revealed. Among the items is a Pine Tree shilling, a silver coin struck in the mid-17th century under authority of the Massachusetts Bay Colony.

News accounts about the opening of the capsule, including at CNN, revealed a silver plate possibly attributed to Paul Revere, the renowned silversmith; newspapers; and a number of coins. The coins included early U.S. coinage: a half cent, large cent, half dime, dime and quarter dollar. A medal depicting George Washington was also found.

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USA Today reports that officials plan to display the items temporarily before returning the time capsule and its contents to the spot it was found, possibly with current-day items. 

An X-ray was performed on the copper container last month, and state records noted what was placed in the time capsule in 1795 as well as when it first resurfaced and was added to in 1855. So officials had an idea of what was inside before Tuesday's opening.

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Coin World will continue its coverage of the time capsule's contents as they become available.

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