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1909-S Lincoln V.D.B. cent in upcoming government auction

1. 1909-S V.D.B. cent in treasurer auction

West Virginia State Treasurer John Perdue’s office will be offering a 1909-S Lincoln, V.D.B. cent in an online auction of unclaimed property that will take place between June 3 and June 18. 

The variety, struck at the San Francisco Mint, carries the S Mint mark and the inititals of designer Victor David Brenner. 

Coin World’'s "Know your U.S. coins” post for the cent reads as follows:

Both sides of the coin introduced in 1909 were designed by Victor D. Brenner. Coins struck from June to Aug. 5 depict the initials V.D.B. at six o'clock on the reverse.

The initials on the reverse were believed to be too conspicuous by some and, due to negative newspaper coverage, were removed from coins struck later during 1909 by order of the secretary of the Treasury. That action resulted in the 1909 and 1909-S varieties, both with and without V.D.B. The coins with the initials are scarcer, with the 1909-S Lincoln, V.D.B. cent being a key coin in the series.

“Once again, you just never know what we’re going to take in through unclaimed property, and hence, the online auctions,” Treasurer Perdue said. “But I understand the 1909-S V.D.B. is not your usual coin.”

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