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Continental Congress OKs Mint
Published : 09/21/11
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Numismatic events during the month of October include:

Oct. 1 to 8

Oct. 1, 1873, William Barber transfers 14 sets of experimental Trade dollar dies to superintendent of Mint.

Oct. 2, 1813, token and button manufacturer James Scovill sells half interest to his son James M.L. Scovill.

Oct. 3, 1990, Congress authorizes 1992 Olympics half dollar, $1 and $5 commemorative coins.

Oct. 4, 2002, American Numismatic Association introduces exhibit “$how me the Money: the Dollar as Art.”

Oct. 5, 1892, Dr. George Francis Heath becomes second American Numismatic Association president.

Oct. 7, 1946, Commission of Fine Arts approves designs for Iowa Statehood half dollar.

Oct. 9 to 15

Oct. 9, 1924, coin dealer Thomas L. Elder sells Eckfeldt family’s 1792 half disme.

Oct. 10, 1854, New York Assay Office opens.

Oct. 11, 1819, Jacob Perkins receives English patent for anti-counterfeit Stereotype Steel Plate.

Oct. 12, 1837, Act of Congress provides for issue of Treasury notes not exceeding $10 million.

Oct. 14, 1969, Britain introduces 50-pence coin to replace 10-shilling note in anticipation of decimalization.

Oct. 16 to 22

Oct. 16, 1786, Continental Congress passes an ordinance for the establishment of a Mint.

Oct. 17, 1912, Chicago Branch No. 1 of ANA chartered.

Oct. 18, 1862, S.C. Upham advertises 35 different Rebel notes, shinplasters and postage stamps in Harper’s Weekly.

Oct. 19, 1931, Canada officially suspends gold standard.

Oct. 20, 1859, American Numismatic Society holds its last meeting prior to the Civil War.

Oct. 23 to 29

Oct. 23, 1973, Treasury Department announces design competition for U.S. Bicentennial coins.

Oct. 24, 1956, Stack’s sell collection of Lennox Lohr.

Oct. 25, 1878, Ed Frossard holds first numismatic auction.

Oct. 26, 1977, President Jimmy Carter nominates Stella B. Hackel to be U.S. Mint director.

Oct. 27, 1982, Louis E. Eliasberg Sr. Estate Collection auctions begin with Bowers and Ruddy Galleries’ sale of the anonymous United States Gold Coin Collection.

Oct. 28, 1978, Indiana-Kentucky-Ohio Token and Medal Society holds its first coin show.

Oct. 30 to 31

Oct. 30, 1912, USS New York (BB 34), which is depicted on back of the “Battleship Note” (large size $2 Federal Reserve Bank note), launched.

Oct. 31, 1985, Gene Hessler speaks on “America as an Indian Princess on U.S. Obsolete Currency” at American Numismatic Society Coinage of the Americas Conference.

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