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Peace dollar with 'hefty mintage' gets boost from odd PCGS slab

A 1925 Peace dollar, graded MS-65 in a scarce PCGS slab with a “Doily” label brought $284 in a Sept. 19 eBay auction.

Images courtesy of eBay seller hcc-coin

The following post is pulled from Coin World editor Steve Roach’s Market Analysis column in the Oct. 13 issue.

For each so-called rule in numismatics, there are exceptions. 

For example, “Buy the coin, not the holder” is an oft-repeated adage. Three recent online auctions proved exceptions to this rule; for each, a silver dollar’s value was substantially enhanced by its holder. 

Here's a profile of one of those three silver dollars:

The coin: 1925 Peace dollar, MS-65, old PCGS ‘Doily’ holder

The price: $284

The story: A 1925 Peace dollar in MS-65 is a relatively available coin with a hefty mintage of more than 10 million. Even in MS-65 it is not particularly scarce, with Professional Coin Grading Service recording more than 7,000 submissions in this grade.

Collectors love odd PCGS and Nusmimatic Guaranty Corp. slabs, including a short-lived PCGS label affectionately called the “Doily” label by collectors. It was produced by PCGS for a few months in 1990 and today examples of coins in this slab always sell for a premium. 

In a Sept. 19 eBay auction by Toledo, Ohio, dealer HCC Rare Coins, a PCGS “Doily” label MS-65 1925 Peace dollar described as “a superb example of the date with great luster and eye appeal” sold for $284 with 60 bids. 

Typical PCGS MS-65 1925 Peace dollars sell for $130 to $140 in online auctions. 

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