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New Flynn reference addresses Seated Liberty silver dollars

Numismatic author Kevin Flynn is self-publishing his latest reference, The Authoritative Reference on Liberty Seated Dollars.

Image courtesy of Kevin Flynn.

Numismatic author Kevin Flynn is self-publishing The Authoritative Reference on Liberty Seated Dollars. The number of books ordered prepublication will be the number printed.

The price of the 225-page book is $39.95 plus shipping.

According to Flynn, the primary intention in creating the reference was to have a complete and comprehensive reference for the Seated Liberty dollar series, including all die varieties, history about the series and the time period, notes on collecting, historical documents about the series, and hot topics.

The die-variety section of the book includes 11 doubled dies, eight misplaced dates, and 17 repunched dates, several of which have not been previously published, according to Flynn.

For each listed die variety, multiple photographs of details are to be included to make identification easier.  

Also included for each variety is a detailed description of the variety, its diagnostics (including die markers such as die cracks, scratches or clashes that can make identifying the variety easier), pricing, and cross references.

The book’s date-by-date section offers an analysis of each date including scarcity, striking characteristics, notable world events that occurred that year, comments, current values, prices realized from Heritage Auctions, and the certified population counts from Professional Coin Grading Service and Numismatic Guaranty Corp.

The Hot Topics section contains several detailed studies on the Seated Liberty dollars series, including analysis of the Proof 1851 and 1852 restrikes, the Proof 1851-O restrike, and the Proof 1854 dollar restrikes. Flynn explains why these Proof dollars were struck in later years and who is believed to have struck them.

Other areas include the history of the 1866 Seated Liberty, No Motto, dollar of which two are known and the 1870-S and 1873-S Seated Liberty dollars. 

To order the book, send a check or money order to Kevin Flynn, P.O. Box 396, Lumberton, NJ 08048. Include $5 for media shipping or $10 for first class shipping.

To reserve a copy of Flynn’s book, email him at, or visit his website.

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