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Morgue Anne dollar sends George Morgan’s design to its deathbed

Zombucks are a popular silver and copper bullion medal series from Provident Metals. 

Coin World explores all of the designs issued so far in the series.

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The obverse of the Morgue Anne round commemorates George T. Morgan’s Lady Liberty design on the Morgan dollar, which was struck from 1878 to 1904, and againin 1921. On the new medals, Liberty is now depicted as a zombie as the infection begun on the first piece spreads.

Her hair has thinned, her flesh has rotted to the bone and the flowers in her cap have wilted on the zombie Morgue Anne. Liberty is no longer free from contamination. Z2, MORGUE ANNE and 2017 are inscribed around her ghastly portrait.

Mintages of Morgue Anne 'dollars'

Silver – 41,620

Proof silver – 10,000 

Copper – 111,036

Proof copper – 10,000

Retail price, Brilliant Uncirculated copper: $7

Retail price, Brilliant Uncirculated silver: $30 to $35

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