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Four medal First Spouse set sold out by U S Mint

The 2014 First Spouse Bronze Four-Medal set is reported sold out by the U.S. Mint.

Image courtesy of United States Mint.

The 2014 First Spouse Bronze Four-Medal set was on sale from the United States Mint for less than a month before it sold out.

Adam Stump, deputy director of the Mint’s Office of Corporate Communications, said Dec. 4 that the set was considered sold out and no longer available on Nov. 19. 

A total of 7,500 sets were sold. The set went on sale Oct. 23.

Collectors wanting to obtain an intact set as packaged and sold by the Mint will have to pay a premium on the secondary market.

The First Spouse medals depict an obverse portrait of each first spouse, with the reverse bearing a design reflective of the first spouse’s contributions to society.

The 2014 medals feature:

??Florence Harding — The reverse depicts multiple facets of Mrs. Harding’s life, including stylized ballots and ballot box, camera and torch.

??Grace Coolidge — The reverse depicts hands finger-spelling the letters USA in American Sign Language against the White House.

??Lou Hoover — The reverse features a late 1920s radio, representing Mrs. Hoover’s first public radio address as first lady, the first to do so.

??Anna Eleanor Roosevelt — The reverse portrays Mrs. Roosevelt’s right hand lighting a candle. A glowing light rises over a stylized graphic of the horizon.

The 1.3125-inch Roosevelt and Hoover medals are still available from the Mint packaged in sets, with each respective husband’s Presidential dollar. 

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