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New mobile app helps tourists identify Brazil notes

Tourists in Brazil can now use a free mobile app to verify Brazilian bank notes. The Dinheiro Brasileiro app was developed by the Central Bank of Brazil.

Images courtesy of John Cieniewicz.

A free mobile app to verify Brazilian bank notes is now being offered by the Central Bank of Brazil.

The Dinheiro Brasileiro app is available through the iTunes app store and Google Play Store for smartphone and tablet mobile devices.

It provides information on the security features of the Brazilian real denominations. It does not, however, check the authenticity of bank notes.

The purpose is to facilitate recognition of the bank notes for those living in Brazil and for foreign tourists. The bank notes present several security features for easy identification.

When users position their smartphone or tablet on the note, the app identifies the note by image comparison. Then it shows the security features to be observed. The system is available in Portuguese, English and Spanish.

For more information about the free app, visit the bank’s website.

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