Editorial Staff

William T. Gibbs

William T. GibbsManaging Editor

William was appointed the managing editor effective May 1, 2015. He joined the Coin World editorial staff in 1976 as an assistant editor for "Collectors' Clearinghouse" and later became a senior staff writer before being appointed news editor. As managing editor, he manages the day-to-day editorial operations for Coin World, both print and online, and leads the editorial staff. He also serves as chief copy editor for all Coin World publications, including for all books published by Coin World since 1985. He has been project editor of mulitple editions of the Coin World Almanac. Bill began collecting coins at the age of 10 and soon discovered Coin World. As a teen interested in numismatics and journalism, he identified a writing position on the staff of Coin World as a dream job, which was realized shortly after he graduated from Bowling Green State University with a major in journalism. He collects store cards and medals depicting Adm. George Dewey of Spanish-American War fame.


Steve Roach

Steve Roach - Editor-at-Large

Steve Roach, Coin World’s editor-at-large, has been deeply involved with numismatics for more than 20 years, starting as a young coin collector in Michigan. Two years spent as a coin grader, nearly three years at a major coin wholesaler and a stint as a paintings specialist at an international auction house have given Steve a rich understanding of the hobby, its market and the unique personalities and exceptional objects that make collecting meaningful. He joined Coin World in 2006 as a columnist, and has served as associate editor and editor-in-chief. He received his bachelor of arts degree from the University of Michigan, a juris doctorate from the Ohio State University and is a Certified Member of the International Society of Appraisers.


Paul Gilkes

Paul A. GilkesSenior Editor, U.S. Coins

Paul is a senior editor and has been a member of the Coin World staff since 1988. Paul covers the U.S. Mint beat and has memorably reported for more than two decades on many of the hobby's most important stories including the record sale of the Farouk/Fenton 1933 double eagle and the ongoing legal proceedings of the Langbord 1933 double eagles. He received a bachelor of arts degree from Grove City College in Pennsylvania and collects autographs and memorabilia from The Andy Griffith Show.



Jeff Starck

Jeff Starck - Senior Editor, World Coins 

Jeff is a senior editor and was Coin World's 2003 Margo Russell intern and joined the staff in 2004. Jeff has been a collector since childhood and fondly remembers the challenges of completing Whitman folders by pulling coins from circulation and searching rolls from the bank. His current collecting interest focuses on Missouri-related numismatics and exonumia. He is the primary writer for the World Coins section in the monthly Special Edition and is responsible for Coin World's coverage of world coins and weekly International page. He graduated with a bachelor of arts degree from Webster University in St. Louis where he was editor-in-chief of its weekly student newspaper.


Fern Loomis - Editorial Assistant

Fern is the copy editor and proofreads each issue of Coin World and its ancillary publications. A graduate of Ohio State University, she taught English before joining Coin World in 1994. Fern was instrumental in the initial launch of Coin World on the Internet. She describes herself as an accidental cat collector, which precludes collecting much else.


Meet the Columnists

Many dedicated numismatic writers and researchers have served as Coin World columnists since 1961. They have helped make Coin World the leading publication of the entire numismatic field and make up a literal "who's who" of the hobby. Current columnists include:

David T. Alexander provides the details and history long forgotten or previously unknown about the people and events behind the images on medals and coins in "The Research Desk."

Q. David Bowers, acclaimed as the most prolific writer and researcher in modern times, in "The Joys of Collecting," provides timely and fun-packed glimpses of collecting adventures and ideas.

Michael Bugeja, a coin collector since childhood and professor of journalism, guides new and beginning collectors through fun-packed and enriching experiences in "Home Hobbyist."

Allan Davisson, professional numismatist for more than 30 years, specializes in coins of England, Scotland and Ireland. He serves as Coin World's retail pricing analyst for British coins (1838 to current) and also provides commentary for "British Market Analysis."

Beth Deisher, Coin World editor from 1985 until her retirement in 2012, brings to light the "back stories" from her 35 years of reporting on the collecting world in the column "From the Memory Bank."

Mike Diamond, error coin specialist, is lead author of Coin World's weekly "Collectors' Clearinghouse," which delves into how errors and varieties are created in U.S. coinage.

Michael Fahey, senior authenticator at ANACS, shares his expertise and tips in "Detecting Counterfeits" in the regular pages of Coin World and also guides collectors in learning to grade U.S. coins in his popular "First Grade" column published in the Coin Values section of Coin World Monthly.

Michael Findlay, professional numismatist and Canadian coin specialist, updates retail values for Canadian coins (1858 to date) and provides market analysis for Canadian coins.

Arthur L. Friedberg, professional numismatist and expert in U.S. paper money and world gold coins, serves as pricing analyst for Coin World's Paper Money retail guide for federally issued paper money and also provides observations and insight about the paper money market monthly in "Paper Money Market Analysis." He also serves as pricing analyst for Euro Values covering retail prices for euro coins issued by 21 nations since 2002 and provides "Euro Market Analysis" for updates published in Coin World Monthly.

John Kraljevich, a noted expert in Early American numismatics, helps modern-day collectors explore coins and paper money of the pre-federal era in "Colonial Americana."

Brad Karoleff shares in "Designs of the Times" the fun and difficult-to-find information that makes collecting any of the Bust series of the early United States so intriguing.

Rita Laws provides collectors with interesting facts and timely ideas on how to form collections and where to find coins that depict subjects and themes on coins and medals in "Going Topical," published monthly in the World Coins section of Coin World Monthly.

Susan Maltby is a museum conservator and an expert in caring for and saving coins, paper money and other related objects. "Preserving Collectibles" includes priceless tips and practical ideas to help collectors safely store, exhibit and handle their coins and paper money.

Joel J. Orosz is a charter member of the Numismatic Bibliomania Society and co-author of The Secret History of the First U.S. Mint, and enables numismatic bibliophiles with "Numismatic Bookie." 

John Roberts, the director of attribution services for ANACS, uses expert photography and his wealth of knowledge to uncover the nuances of Morgan dollar varieties in "About VAMs."

Bill O'Rourke reveals the treasures he is finding as a result of his searches of rolls and bags of modern U.S. coins in "Found in Rolls."

Scott Schechter is co-author of 100 Greatest U.S. Modern Coins and writes the "Making Moderns" column.

Gerald Tebben goes behind the scenes and explores many offbeat trails in bringing to the forefront the long-lost information that makes coins so special in "Coin Lore."

David Vagi, ancient coins specialist, explores Greek, Roman and Byzantine coinage with a fresh and inviting perspective in "Ancients Today," published monthly in the World Coins section of Coin World Monthly.

John Wexler guides collectors through the exciting and sometimes frenzied world of coins displaying collectible differences from "normal" coins in "Varieties Notebook."

Wendell Wolka, a paper money collector and educator for more than 40 years, shares what makes paper money fun in "Collecting Paper."