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Coin World is the #1 resource for collectible coins, paper money, medals, tokens, and any object once used as currency.


Collectors and investors turn to Coin World content regularly – monthly magazine, weekly news resource, eNewsletters, website, and mobile apps – as their favored means to stay up-to-date on numismatic collectibles and the vibrant marketplace in which they are bought and sold worldwide. Coin World’s staff are consulted by members of Congress, the U.S. Mint, and regularly cited in mainstream publications including the Wall Street Journal.


More than 50 years of tradition prove The Coin World brand remains a driving force for collector, investor and dealer decision-making. Throughout its life, it has won multitudes of awards and editorial recognition. Many subscribers have grown up with Coin World, newer collectors & investors discover it through local dealers, newsstands, the web, shows and the community.


With more than 25 editors, columnists and correspondents throughout the world, join its established mission to enhance the value and enjoyment of numismatics.