The ongoing allure of shipwreck treasure: Monday Morning Brief, June 19, 2017

Published : 06/19/17
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If there is any coin-related topic that is more romantic, and that has been romanticized more, than shipwreck treasure, we don’t know what is. The ongoing allure of coins and other artifacts recovered from famous shipwrecks continues, based on recent auction results.

Here's the full transcript:

Florida treasure hunter Mel Fisher shouldn’t have made the discovery of a lifetime.

After all, he was just a middle-aged man chasing a childhood dream, hunting for ghosts on the ocean floor,

Instead of a real job, he spent his days sifting sand and scoping the sea bed, looking for something that hadn’t been seen since a few years after those Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock.

It would take a miracle to find what Fisher was looking for, but then life sometimes has a way of writing a script that even Hollywood can’t fathom.

The odds were against him –

how could he find what the shifting sands had covered as the days became weeks,

became months,

became years,

became decades,

became centuries?

In 1971, his persistence paid off, when he and his divers found the first piece of a puzzle that would take many more years to come together.

And just like any good Hollywood script, this story, HIS story, is full of challenges.

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