How did you get started collecting?: Monday Morning Brief, June 12, 2017

Published : 06/12/17
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Coin World managing editor William T. Gibbs asks: How did you get started collecting? Did a parent or grandparent mentor you? Was it an unusual coin or note you found in circulation? We want to hear your stories and share them with your fellow collectors. Please write us.

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a little strange, but way back when my parents would enroll me in a "Christmas Club" at our bank. We would put in 25Cents, 50 cents, what ever we could afford. We put it in a little book and turned it into the bank every week. At Christmas time we could withdraw our money to pay for Christmas gifts for family and friends. Well one day I noticed that I had a group of quarters that included all the coins from 1946-1956. Not all the mint marks, but still interesting to an eight year old. I thought I might be able to collect a much larger set. That's how it started, unfortunately most of the coins disappeared when I discovered girls were more fun than coins. Got back into them in college and have a decent collection now. Probably just pass it to one of the grandkids if they show any interest. They are all young, but I have a nice States and Territories collection for each of them when they are ready to start collecting for themselves.