Preferential treatment for some in Mint sales?: Monday Morning Brief, August 31, 2015

Published : 08/31/15
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Coin World managing editor William T. Gibbs reports on collector suspicions that dealers receive special treatment from the U.S. Mint during the sales of special products like the Truman and Eisenhower Coin & Chronicles sets. There’s no evidence that happens, but in the past, things were different, he reports.

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I appreciate your explanation but how does a company, like Home Shopping Network, get all those C&C's to sell at $599 + $10.95 s/h, if only 2 are allowed? and, as one commenter said, brag about having 7,000 C&C-HST available to sell?
HI'The article about preferential treatment ,by the Mint I believe that it does happen. I bought the March of Dimes set 15 minutes after 12 the day they were released, every thing went ok, the next day E-Mail said they were sold out, 5 days later I got a call from a coin dealer trying to sell me a graded set by ANACS. i've graded to many coins to believe that bought the coins the same time that I did, sent them off have them graded, sent back to be sold on the market. I called the Mint In Washington and complained I was talked to like a piece of crap. The coins have to be sold to big dealers early to get that turnaround.
Rick Edwards
Corruption has always been an issue and will always be an issue with the US Mint. With government comes corruption. Even the waiting lines that were in effect last year were unfair. I know of 5 or 6 collectors who were in the waiting lines that got conflicting wait times.

The US Mint causes this hype when they release only 17,000 mintage for a proof set that had a history of sales in the millions. Remember the safety issues that arose last year when the mint released the 2014 Gold Kennedy? The greedy dealers proved again that they would do anything to block out the standard population from obtaining one of these pieces.

All companies have insider trading. But you can increase it 10 fold when greedy educated are running it or greedy dealers are manipulating it.

The problem is that information is spread quicker now than ever in history. So the greedy individuals have to get more creative to profit. Why doesn't the mint compile a group of collectors to define a direction for all upcoming releases?

I knew the 2015 Reverse Proofs would be a highly sought after. The mint doesn't need any other proof to see that the greedy dealers are getting more creative and hoarding any coin that has a potential to be desirable.

Really 17,000.00 for a series that had a history of sales in the millions? I have some for each release so far but I am not confident about the rest of the series.

All of us are smarter than any one of us! The US Mint needs to compile a board of collectors to vote on the future direction of all upcoming mintages and distribution policy’s.

After all shouldn’t the US Mint be responsible for safety and equitable distribution for their products, to all of the public?

L. J. Ramos