'Euro Coin Collection' — with €2 commemoratives update is released, offers 16 new coins

New commemorative coins for the suite of apps dedicated to collectors.
Published : 04/16/15
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The following is a press release from Euro Coin Collection: 





The suite of apps dedicated to collectors has been updated, with versions 2.0 for iPhone, 1.6 for iPad and 1.4 for Mac.

16 new 2-Euro commemorative coins of the 2015 have been added, already issued or announced.
This year two countries, Italy and San Marino, commemorate the 750o anniversary of the birth of Dante Alighieri, the Florentine poet author of the Divina Commedia.

Italian is also the coin of the Universal Exposition Expo 2015 taking place in Milan from May 1st to October 31st with the motto: Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life.

With this update, the total of 2-Euro commemorative coins reached the round figure of 200. A figure that will soon increase with the next issues of 2015, including the common one dedicated to the thirty years since the adoption of the European Flag. 


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