How do Facebook and Twitter like the Royal Mint's new £1 coin design?

The design is a hot topic on social media
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Published : 03/19/15
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The Royal Mint announced the winner of its public competition to design the reverse of the 12-sided £1 coin set for a 2017 release, and not surprisingly, it is a hot topic on Facebook and Twitter among UK residents and coin hobby followers. 

Here's a look at what they're saying. 

On Coin World's Facebook page

Timothy Benedict: "Looks pretty nice to me and it incorporates familiar symbols of British coins in this design which, in my view, makes a nice connection to the past and could still be used for a future King if desired."

Mike Markowitz: "Hmmm... rose, leek, thistle, shamrock --well, you gotta give 'em credit, it's inclusive."

Gary Dunaier: "I don't like it for the simple reason that I don't like bimetallic coins where the design extends into the outer ring. Nothing wrong with the actual image itself."

On the Royal Mint's Facebook page

Ady Miles: "it's not bad. a bit boring though, but that seems to be the way the Royal Mint Committee pick winning designs in recent years (i'd recommend adding younger and more representative members to the Committee.) i also think the leek root distracts from the crown and I do not like the typeface and size of the 'ONE POUND' text."

Chris Riddy: "Love the design but I don't think it works with the bi metallic look, I mean it probably looks better in real life, but in that pic it looks odd, I mean that beautiful design on a standard 360 coin and it would look great like the current floral ones do, love the crown though, also personally like the royal touch in a coin and like the MD coat of arms ones so a bit bias I guess but hey ho"

Angela Marie Harris: "Classy and traditional. Nice!"

Roger Clarke: "I love it. Great design. Easy to distinguish when you have a lot of coins in your pocket."

Kieron Skinner: "Don't like it ngl"

Andrew Grm: "I think you need to look beyond the same old rose, leek, thistle and shamrock designs. Boring and predictable."

And on Twitter

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