Not all shipwreck coins are Spanish: English gold from famous wreck in Sedwick auction

On the Block column from the May 5, 2014, issue of Coin World
Published : 04/21/14
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Each of the three gold guinea coins offered in Sedwick’s auction is accompanied by a certificate from the salvors.

All three coins show a portrait of George III. One of the coins is dated 1766, and another is 1775. The third is an apparently a previously unreported variety, having the overdate of 1775/2. 

Though all three are graded Extremely Fine, their conditions vary slightly, with the 1775 coin exhibiting “muted luster” and the overdate issue featuring a small bend on the edge. The 1766 coin has a “hint of luster” and some scratches.

Each of the three coins is estimated to sell for between $700 and $1,000, meaning that gold coins from a shipwreck — of English origin, to boot — are within reach for many collectors.

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