Photographer, author Gerald Hoberman dies

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Published : 03/06/14
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In 1996, he established the imprint The Gerald Hoberman Collection, which soon published books of wildlife photography, establishing a new standard for quality and a global reputation for luxury. The publishing house’s logo is a drawing of the reverse of a Greek silver tetradrachm issued circa 360 B.C. at Barce in Cyrenaica (present-day Libya) featuring the facing head of Zeus Ammon.

Mr. Hoberman also produced a series of books of photos focused on individual cities throughout the world, starting with a volume about his birthplace. When Douglas Saville, then manager of Spink’s book department was shown the book Cape Town, he suggested that what had grown to be the Gerald and Marc Hoberman Collection could become the origin of a series on cities of the world. 

The Hoberman imprint has published more than 75 “coffee table” titles. 

Although published more than 30 years ago, The Art of Coins and Their Photography is still actively traded on the secondary market. 

Mr. Hoberman has passed away, but his photographic books will serve as a memorial for many years. 

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