Monaco marks Prince Albert II's royal wedding with coin

Several nations confirm designs, themes for circulating 2-euro coins
Published : 07/13/11
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Though the British royal wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton may have received the overwhelming share of media attention, another royal wedding just held in 2011 is also being honored on coins.

The July 2 ceremony wedding Prince Albert II of Monaco to South Africa’s Charlene Wittstock, in the courtyard of the Prince’s Palace in Monaco, is the subject of a new circulating commemorative €2 coin from Monaco.

A portrait of the couple appears in the center of the ringed-bimetallic coin, with Monaco’s name and the year date. The designer’s name was unavailable at press time.

The coin’s outer ring depicts the 12 stars of the European Union flag, standard for the denomination.

A total of 148,000 coins were released into circulation July 2 in conjunction with the wedding. At press time, prices resulting from secondary market sales of some of the coins through had reached from around $250 to $300 apiece in U.S. funds.

Vatican City commemorative

In addition to Monaco’s coin, the theme and design for a circulating commemorative €2 coin for Vatican City has also recently been confirmed. The coin, due for release in October, celebrates the 26th World Youth Day.

Inside the center of the coin, young people celebrate with flags. A legend indicates the number (in Roman numerals) and the name of the games, Giornata Mondiale della Gioventù (World Youth Day), abbreviated as g.m.g., below which appears the issuing entity’s name. The date and the Rome Mint R mint mark also appear on the same side.

The coin has a planned mintage of 115,000 pieces. The designer name has not been announced.

Malta commemoratives

In other news about circulating commemorative €2 coins, the Central Bank of Malta on June 24 announced a symposium to launch a series of five coins featuring milestones in Malta’s constitutional history.

Though the program was announced, appearing in the April 4 issue of Coin World, themes for the remaining coins in the series were not then shared publicly.

The first coin in the five-year series marks the election in 1849 of the first Maltese representatives to the Council of Government advising the British government, which then exerted colonial control over the tiny island nation.

The other themes for the program include a coin to mark majority representation, which occurred in 1887 (due for release in 2012), and a coin marking the 1921 self-governance (planned for 2013). The 2014 coin will celebrate the 50th anniversary of Maltese independence, and the 2015 coin will celebrate Malta’s status as a republic, which occurred in 1974.

The Maltese coins were designed by Ganni Bonnici.

The 2011 coin will be available in October.

Other issues

Release dates and mintage information for several €2 coins planned by other countries, unknown at the time of previous stories in Coin World (Feb. 14, March 21 and April 4 issues), have now been confirmed.

The release date for Greece’s coin (which marks the Special Olympics World Games in Athens) is confirmed for the end of the second trimester in 2011.

San Marino’s coin, showing painter, writer and architect Vasari, was released in June.

The projected mintage for Italy’s coin marking the 150th anniversary of unification was incorrectly reported as 1 million pieces, but a total of 10 million coins were released in late March.

Finland will release a commemorative coin in October, but the theme will not be publicly announced until August. ■

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