U.S. Mint plans special collector products in 2015 and 2016

Product to include special 2015 ANA show release
By , Coin World
Published : 08/07/14
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A special coin release is being planned by the U.S. Mint in conjunction with the 2015 American Numismatic Association World’s Fair of Money.

Mint officials did not disclose details about the special coin.

The Mint is also looking at multiple numismatic product option possibilities for 2016 in anticipation of the centennial anniversaries for the Winged Liberty Head dime (aka, the Mercury dime), Standing Liberty quarter dollar and Walking Liberty half dollar.

Meeting Aug. 7 with Coin World at the 2014 convention in Rosemont, Ill., Deputy U.S. Mint Director Richard A. Peterson said the final product approved for the 2015 show release will be a hit with the collecting public.

“We like the rhythm the Mint is on,” Peterson said, his statement coming on the heels of the successful Aug. 5 launch of the 1964–2014-W Proof gold Kennedy half dollar. 

“We have something in the hopper for the next ANA [show] for collectors to look forward to. We want to bring something phenomenal out for collectors.”

J. Marc Landry, the Mint’s acting associate director for sales and marketing, said statutory authorization would be required for some options the Mint is considering for 2016 release in gold, silver and clad compositions.

“We’re looking on the horizon, years in advance,” Peterson said. “We want to issue some products that will really excite collectors.” 

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The US Mint Director must be the only retail outlet chief that can advertise a product for sale and only after being ordered can tell the customer that "I don't any" but I will ship them when I produce them and I will let you know sometime In the future when that will be. Can anyone imagine Macy's operating in this way?
The U.S mnt i feel should retire the Kennedy 1/2 dollar. it has had a better spread than Franklin had that was cut short- enough is enough!! The older coins had a flare about them just as our currency did at one time - We are still in some ways -what we were once- that should be re-ignired a little bit as our old stuff was quite remarkable.Robert Samuel jr. Oakdale.Ca.
when will the 2014 first spouse medal set be released?
the mint should make Chinese lunar year coin , like USPS did, make sure it is 24k gold , Asian like it,

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In light of the news that, due to safety concerns, the Mint and the ANA jointly decided to stop in-person sales of the gold Kennedy half at the ANA show, it seems to me that it's unlikely they will allow similar sales at future shows. And I, for one, am glad.

It's obscene that SilverTowne claims to have sold the first gold Kennedy *sold* at the ANA show---not the first one minted, mind you, but simply the first one sold---for $100,000, to "a longtime customer who purchases coins over the 'Coin Vault' cable television show," no less. A customer who buys coins from the "Coin Vault" show?! That, right there, says it all. As the saying goes, a fool and his money are easily parted. But I like this saying better: you can't protect from stupid.
In 2015, will the U.S. Mint have a Tenth Anniversary product for the American gold buffalo?