Enhanced Uncirculated coin set available at U.S. Mint sales centers

Product ready for in-person sale Aug. 1 in Denver, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C.
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Published : 07/17/17
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The American Numismatic Association World’s Fair of Money won’t be the only place where collectors can purchase the 10-coin 2017-S 225th Anniversary Enhanced Uncirculated Coin Set in person beginning Aug. 1.

The set will also be available at the Mint’s sales center at U.S. Mint headquarters in Washington, D.C., and at contracted sales centers at the Denver and Philadelphia Mints.

For those buying sets at the ANA show, third-party grading services are planning commemorative labels that pedigree the coins to the Denver convention, which runs from Aug. 1 through 5.

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Still up in the air as of July 14 were the price of the set, the time the sets will be available at the in-person venues, and if any ordering limit would be imposed for those sites (the set is restricted to a release of 225,000 sets with no household ordering limit for purchases from the Mint website or by telephone).

Collectors will be able to place orders for the sets by telephone at 800-872-6468 and online at www.usmint.gov beginning at noon Eastern Time Aug. 1. Mint officials have not disclosed whether they plan to make the sets available at the in-person venues at the same time the telephone and online ordering options become available.

There was a time when the Morgan dollar was actually a half dollar: Another column in the July 31 issue of Coin World explains how collectors can create their own archival-quality holders for oversized paper money.

The Mint’s sales centers in Washington, D.C., and at the Philadelphia Mint open at 10 a.m. ET, while the Denver Mint sales center opens at 10 a.m. Mountain Time (noon ET).

The bourse to the ANA convention in Denver does not open to the general public until 1 p.m. MT (3 p.m. ET) Aug. 1, although ANA members have admission to the convention floor 30 minutes earlier.

Those purchasing Early Bird badges for an additional fee of $150 gain access to the convention at 11 a.m. MT (1 p.m. ET) Aug. 1, and 8 a.m. MT (10 a.m. ET) the remaining days of the convention.

U.S. Mint officials would not disclose how many sets they plan to have available initially at each venue, nor whether they plan to immediately restock that in-person inventory should the sets initially available at each location sell out quickly.

Should the Mint not impose an in-person ordering limit, the possibility is that a single buyer could purchase all the sets available, or at least a significant portion of them, depending on where they (or a representative) queue up in line.

Label considerations

Special grading labels for insert into plastic holders by third-party grading services are scheduled for the 2017-S 225th Anniversary Enhanced Uncirculated Coin sets.

Max Spiegel, senior vice president of sales and marketing for Numismatic Guaranty Corp.’s parent, Certified Collectibles Group, provided the following information:

“Enhanced Uncirculated Sets purchased at the ANA World’s Fair of Money and submitted to NGC at the show (with the original US Mint purchase receipt) will receive NGC’s DENVER ANA RELEASES designation. They can also be encapsulated with NGC’s ANA Officially Licensed Label. Coins with the DENVER ANA RELEASES designation will receive a separate listing in the NGC Census.

“Enhanced Uncirculated Sets (without a US Mint receipt indicating their purchase at the show) as well as other modern issues submitted to NGC at the show can receive a ‘Denver ANA 2017’ pedigree and can be encapsulated with NGC’s ANA Officially Licensed Label. Coins with the Denver ANA 2017 pedigree will not receive a separate listing in the NGC Census.”

Each of the coins in the set will be encapsulated separately, Spiegel said.

“Also, these will be attributed as ‘SP Enhanced Finish’ so that the grade would appear as SP 70 ENHANCED FINISH,“ Spiegel said. “This is consistent with our grading of other Enhanced Uncirculated U.S. Mint releases.”

Paul DeFelice, vice president of marketing and client relations for ANACS, provided the following explanation for ANACS labels for the sets:

“ANACS will be offering a special label for the 2017 Enhanced Uncirculated Anniversary Sets commemorating its purchase at the ANA World’s Fair of Money in Denver, Colo. For those who submit the sets for certification at the show, ANACS will pedigree each slab with a description of the show printed on a 225th Anniversary label.

“For a limited time, this label will also be made available to all who submit these sets, but only those who submit at the 2017 World’s Fair of Money will receive the show pedigree.

“ANACS will grade them as “EU” (example EU69) and require the coins submitted in the original Mint packaging.”

Officials of Professional Coin Grading Service did not respond to inquiries seeking comment for this article. 

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