Jeppson testifies before Senate Banking Committee on Mint director nomination

Approval from full Senate would bring five-year-term
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Published : 03/15/16
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Official text of remarks being presented by U.S. Mint Principal Deputy Matthew Rhett Jeppson during a 10 a.m. Eastern Time hearing March 15 before the Senate Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs concerning President Obama's nomination of him as 39th director of the United States Mint:

"Thank you, Mr. Chairman, Senator Brown, and distinguished Members of the Committee. I am honored to appear before you today. Thank you for your time – and I would like to thank President Obama for the trust he has placed in me by nominating me to serve as the United States Mint’s 39th Director.

"Although they were not able to be here with me today, I want to acknowledge my wife Renee and our children – Holly, Heidi, Hayden, and Hans.    

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"Before I outline some of the initiatives I would prioritize if I have the privilege of being confirmed as the next Director of the United States Mint, I would like to share with the Members of the Committee a little about my background and how my professional experiences have prepared me for the position.   

"My life and career have not always followed a conventional, predictable path. I moved to Florida from Utah when I was 16 and graduated from the University of Florida with a degree in history. After college I was commissioned in the United States Marine Corps, where I served as an infantry officer. 

"My service as a Marine – from those early days leading Marines in combat, breaching into Kuwait during Desert Storm, to my service as the Deputy Director of Operations for United States Forces in Afghanistan – developed in me a profound love of the Corps and its Marines. They are truly are my brothers and sisters. In January, I retired from the Marine Corps with nearly 28 years of combined active and reserve service. These years of service have influenced who I am, shaped how I interact with my colleagues, and imbued in me an approach to leadership and management that I believe will be an asset to the United States Mint if I am confirmed. A constant thread throughout my career has been a focus on, and commitment to, individuals and how they fit into the larger organization – from the Marine on the ground to the Mint employee on the manufacturing floor making coins.    

"During my last deployment to Afghanistan, I served as Deputy Director of Operations for United States forces leading up to and during the troop surge in 2009 and 2010. These were enormous, complex military operations that gave me valuable skills for leading the United States Mint’s workforce of approximately 1,700 dedicated men and women here in Washington and at five facilities across the country – Philadelphia, West Point, Fort Knox, Denver, and San Francisco.      

"Mr. Chairman, in the early 1990s, my life and career took an unexpected turn when my father, who was running a small construction business, became seriously ill and I assumed responsibility for running the business for a number of years. I was young at the time and faced a steep learning curve. But I felt like it was my duty to my family to see it through while my Dad recovered. The experience gave me valuable skills that help me relate to employees at the United States Mint across our facilities, who range from marketing specialists to graphic designers, sculptors, die setters, press operators, IT specialists, financial analysts, engineers, police officers, human resources specialists, and other functions.

"Later, I served as Florida’s Director of State Purchasing. While overseeing $12 billion in state contracts, we developed a new electronic procurement system and modified the way we bought goods and services, saving the state millions of dollars by leveraging technology to make the state more efficient and accountable.

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