2016 Kennedy half dollars in bags and rolls begin sales Feb. 24

Circulation-quality coins from Philadelphia, Denver Mints offered at a premium
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Published : 02/20/16
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Feb. 24 sales begin at noon Eastern Time from the U.S. Mint, comprising 200-coin mixed bags and two-roll sets of circulation-quality 2016-P and 2016-D Kennedy half dollars.

The copper-nickel clad coins are struck at the Philadelphia and Denver Mints. Since 2002, the U.S. Mint has struck Kennedy half dollars in circulation quality for only numismatic product options, priced above face value, with none of the coins released into general circulation through the Federal Reserve bank.

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The 200-coin bags contain 100 coins struck at Denver and 100 struck at Philadelphia, all packaged in one Mint-sewn canvas bag. Each bag is offered at $139.95.

The two-roll set, offered at $32.95, contains one 20-coin roll apiece from the two production facilities.

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