'Double-Denomination' 5-cent coin/dime offers some intriguing number errors

Dramatic Jefferson 5-cent errors are the focus of this week's Coin World Market Analysis
By , Coin World
Published : 04/02/15
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Striking error coins look unusual and are the result of something going wrong during the minting process. They teach us about how coins are made, and error coins enjoy a dedicated following in our hobby. Each error is unique, and many are dramatically weird in appearance.

There are lots of ways to collect error coins. Some collectors elect to focus on a given error type, such as an off-center strike, while others collect a range of errors across a denomination or coin type.

Here is one of three pricey “nickels” Coin World is profiling in its latest Market Analysis that have traded at auction recently that represent the high-end of the market:

The Coin

‘Double-Denomination’ Jefferson 5-cent coin struck on a Roosevelt dime, Mint State 62

The Price


The Story 

This extraordinary error came into being when an already struck Roosevelt dime made it into the mix of 5-cent planchets intended for Jefferson 5-cent pieces at the U.S. Mint.

Errors of this type are often called “double-denomination” errors.

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