Prices change for eight 2015 numismatic products from the U.S. Mint

Several products with silver components decrease in price compared to 2014
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Published : 01/28/15
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Pricing has changed for eight 2015 numismatic products from the United States Mint compared to pricing for similar items in 2014.

Prices for several 2015 products dropped between 3.1 percent and 9.1 percent, but for one, the 2015 America the Beautiful Quarters Circulating Coin Set, the price increased by 33.6 percent. That set is being issued tentatively in November. No details on the set's contents were released Jan. 28.

The pricing changes are as follows, with the new price listed first, followed by the the 2014 price in parentheses:

➤ American Eagle One Ounce Silver Proof Coin, $48.95 ($52.95).

➤ American Eagle One Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coin, $39.95 ($43.95).

➤ Congratulations Set, $50.95 ($54.95).

➤ United States Mint Proof Set, $32.95 ($31.95).

➤ United States Mint Uncirculated Set, $28.95 ($27.95).

➤ America the Beautiful Quarters Circulating Coin Set, $7.95 ($5.95).

➤ Annual Uncirculated Dollar Coin Set, $46.95, ($44.95).

➤ America the Beautiful Five-Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coin (5 issues), $149.95 ($154.95).

The full 2015 numismatic product schedule from the U.S. Mint can be found here.

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