2014 Hall of Fame baseball coins with player autographs available

L&C Coins is selling hand-signed slabs while replica signatures can be had at ModernCoinMart
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Published : 05/13/14
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The baseball-coin bar has been raised. 

The PCGS-rated coins, paired with hand-signed autographs of players that include Cal Ripken, Jr., Ernie Banks and Reggie Jackson, were listed by L&C Coins on its website this week. 

The signed coins of the $5 gold variety are priced at $2,500 (those autographed by Dennis Eckersley, Tony LaRussa and Frank Thomas), $2,800 (those signed by Banks), and $3,000 (those signed by Ripken and Jackson).

Also on L&C’s website are silver $1 Hall of Fame baseball coins signed by the same players. Those coins range in price from $225 to $450.

Those looking to spend less by sacrificing the autograph authenticity can pick up NGC-rated coins with printed replica autographs. 

ModernCoinMart is selling silver 50 cent and $1 baseball coins with replica signatures of Ripken, Jackson, Tommy Lasorda, Nolan Ryan and Johnny Bench. The listed coins range in price from $79 to $289.

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