Transportation token catalog undergoing pricing revisions for 2015 release

Atwood-Coffee reference being updated for sixth edition
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Published : 04/09/14
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The American Vecturist Association is revising the prices of many tokens in connection with the planned publication in 2015 of the sixth edition of the Atwood-Coffee Catalogue of United States and Canadian Transportation Tokens.

Joel Bernstein has a list of all 11,000+ tokens listed in the catalog as well as subsequent tokens announced in The Fare Box, the AVA's monthly newsletter for transportation token collectors. The list indicates whether each token is being considered for a price increase, price reduction, or no change. Proposed prices are not included in the list.

Copies of the list in PDF or Excel spreadsheet format can be obtained by emailing Bernstein at He can also be reached by postal mail at 9780 Kedvale, Skokie, IL 60076-1122.

The AVA's website is at


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