NGC authenticates previously unknown brass hub reduction for Gobrecht dollar design

Piece linked to 19th century Mint director
By , Coin World
Published : 04/25/14
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“These would have been tooled away by Gobrecht on the actual steel hub before any impressions were made from it.

“Thus, the newly certified piece represents a transitional state between sculpted model and finished hub. Its reverse is plain and shows only some rough lines surrounding a center indent made to secure the plate within the lathe.”

Pedigreed to Patterson

The elder Zieman told NGC he acquired the brass piece and accompanying Patterson documents in May 2012 from a local picker/real estate liquidator who bought the contents of an estate in Homosassa, Fla.

Zieman indicated to NGC the estate’s contents had belonged to someone believed to be a seventh generation Patterson.

Knowing Zieman and his daughter collected coins and other numismatic items, the picker/real estate liquidator brought those items to the Ziemans.

John Zieman told NGC several transactions were made to acquire most of the items from the estate’ contents, beginning late in 2012.

Zieman said his goal is to keep all items together and allow others to see and learn from them.

NGC officials state that Zieman’s acquisitions comprise “an extensive assortment of objects and documents obviously from the estate of Robert Maskell Patterson.

“These include an engraved portrait believed to be that of Mr. Patterson’s father and the copper plate from which it was taken, a ring and several honorary certificates. Perhaps of most interest to numismatists is a letter from Chief Coiner Adam Eckfeldt to R. M. Patterson dated September 1, 1829 and reading as follows:

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