2014 National Baseball Hall of Fame silver dollar sells out

Copper-nickel clad half dollar only coin available
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Published : 04/11/14
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At that time, fewer than 10,000 Baseball silver dollars remained unsold. Those sales totals released early in the day indicated 390,879 silver dollars sold — 257,183 Proof coins and 133,696 Uncirculated coins.

U.S. Mint spokesman Michael White said the afternoon of April 10 that an estimated split between the number of Proof and Uncirculated Baseball silver dollars sold was unavailable for release since sales were in “waiting list status.”

Gold $5 sold out, 50¢ available

Sales for the half eagles appeared headed for a sellout between March 28 and 29, with the Mint confirming March 31 that sufficient orders had been received to cover the maximum authorized mintage.

Mint officials report rounded off half eagle sales at 32,000 Proof coins and 18,000 Uncirculated pieces, with final, audited figures unavailable until after the commemorative coin program has closed. No sales figures will be final until the program is closed entirely and sales audited. The program is scheduled to run through Dec. 31, while Baseball half dollar coins remain.

As of the morning of April 9, Baseball half dollar sales reached 190,211 coins — 103,948 Proof coins and 66,263 Uncirculated pieces.

Updated half dollar sales figures released April 10 by White indicated 171,115 Baseball half dollars sold — 104,760 Proof coins and 66,355 Uncirculated half dollars.

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