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2011 brings doubled dies
Published : 08/03/11
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2010 was a slow year for doubled die reports, with only four listings in my files for that date.

All are on the obverse of Lincoln cents and all would be considered minor doubled die varieties. It was starting to look like 2011 would be a carbon copy of last year, but that changed quickly with the recent report of two significant doubled dies for the 2011 Lincoln cents.

The first is a 2011 Lincoln, Doubled Die Obverse cent reported by Joseph Koelling. If that name sounds familiar, it is because Mr. Koelling is an avid searcher of coins for die varieties and has made several significant finds over the past few years that we have featured in this column.

Koelling’s 2011 cent shows unusually strong extra thickness to the date, the letters of liberty, and the letters of in god we trust. In addition to the extra thickness, strong notching shows on the lower 2 in the date, both 1s in the date and the ty of liberty. I have this one listed in my files as 2011 1¢ WDDO-002.

It quickly created a stir in the die variety hobby and made its way to all of the leading die variety attributers. Die variety specialist Billy G. Crawford listed the variety as 2011 1¢ CDDO-003. Bob Piazza listed the variety as 2011P-1DO-004 for the Coppercoins.com website and James Wiles listed it as 2011 1¢ 1-O-VI for the CONECA Doubled Die Files, sponsored by the Combined Organizations of Numismatic Error Collectors of America.

No sooner had this variety made the rounds than Crawford created a stir of his own with the discovery of the first known doubled die on the reverse of a Lincoln, Union Shield cent. His 2011 cent shows very strong extra thickness on one cent and united states of america with the easiest place to spot the variety being the designer’s initials lb (Lyndall Bass).

I have this one listed as 2011 1¢ WDDR-001 while Crawford lists it as CDDR-001. Coppercoins.com lists it as 2011P-1DR-001 while CONECA has it down as 1-R-VI.

I can’t wait to see what else Coin World readers find for 2011, since we are only a little more than halfway through the year.

John Wexler is a renowned numismatic researcher and author on error coins and die varieties.

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