United States Mint planning to release seven 50th anniversary Kennedy half dollars in 2014

Coins in two sets only available in sets, plus single, dual-dated, .9999 fine gold Proof
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Published : 06/11/14
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To mark the 50th anniversary of the Kennedy half dollar in 2014, the United States Mint will be offering three different Kennedy half dollar packaging options, comprising a total of seven coins exhibiting four different finishes.

Two of the packaging options will be offered Aug. 5 to 9 during the American Numismatic Association World’s Fair of Money at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, Ill.

The products to be offered are:

➤ A four-coin 2014 50th Anniversary Kennedy Half Dollar Silver Coin Collection set. The set will comprise four .900 fine silver half dollars. A regular Proof coin with P Mint mark will be struck at the Philadelphia Mint. A Reverse Proof coin with W Mint mark will be struck at the West Point Mint. An Enhanced Uncirculated coin with S Mint mark will be struck at the San Francisco Mint. An Uncirculated coin with D Mint mark will be struck at the Denver Mint. The silver half dollars will  be available only in the set, according to U.S. Mint officials.

➤ A two-coin 2014 50th Anniversary Kennedy Half Dollar Uncirculated Coin set. The set will contain copper-nickel clad half dollars with Uncirculated finish. One coin each will be struck from the Philadelphia and Denver Mints with the P and D Mint marks, respectively. These two coins will be available only in the set. The Mint will first sell this set starting on July 24.

➤ Single .9999 fine gold Kennedy half dollar Proof coin struck at the West Point Mint with W Mint mark on planchets containing roughly 0.75 troy ounce of gold.

The silver and copper-nickel clad half dollars will bear the single date 2014. The gold Proof coin will be dual-dated 1964-2014.

The obverses of these seven 2014 coins will bear the original higher relief portrait sculpt of Kennedy that U.S. Mint Chief Engraver Gilroy Roberts executed in 1963 originally for a Kennedy medal and that was subsequently adapted for the half dollar in 1964. Assistant Mint Engraver Frank Gasparro’s Heraldic Eagle reverse, as introduced in 1964 and still in use today, will appear on the reverse.

U.S. Mint officials have not disclosed a timetable for the release of each of the Kennedy half dollar products or if mintages will be limited or the coins struck to demand.

The U.S. Mint plans to offer the single gold Proof coin and the two-coin set during the ANA convention, according to Mint officials.

Introduction of the two sets and single gold Proof coin will bring the number of different Kennedy half dollars being struck during 2014 to 13.

Also being produced (each coin bearing the lower relief, current Kennedy portrait rather than the 1964 version) are: the regular copper-nickel clad Proof 2014-S Kennedy half dollar; the .900 fine silver Proof 2014-S Kennedy half dollar; the Uncirculated Mint set quality 2014-P and 2014-D Kennedy half dollars; and circulation-quality 2014-P and 2014-D Kennedy half dollars.

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Bastards! These people did not learn a thing regarding the release of HOF Coins at the Baltimore Show and the subsequent frustration of folks that ordered online 3 months ago yet have NOT received their coins!
These 50th anniversary coins need to be released on a demand basis over a 4 week period so that all coin collectors have a fair chance to own them. Don't let the TV show people buy them all up in one or two days like the 2014 Baseball curved gold coins.
They won't be as popular if they are released on demand. Need to be a set number
they need to cut out this 13 versions of one coin bullcrap altogether
Who in the Mint is getting a kick back for having them at the coin show? The Mint has forgotten it's customer base.
Is there really any difference between the Mint Set quality and the circulation-strike quality? The special "satin finish" has not been used for mint sets since 2010.
I was really hoping for a colorized or gilded dragon.. er, Kennedy.
"The Mint has forgotten it's customer base."

Au contrare friend. The Mint's important customer base will be right there in Chicago - large dealers that buy by the pallet-load, and the TPGs that grade those pallet-loads. We are but simple collectors.
"Introduction of the two sets and single gold Proof coin will bring the number of different Kennedy half dollars being struck during 2014 to 13." That's called overkill!
this is great for the TPG's. Lots of show fees
i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! kudos to the mint as there is something for everybody in all prices ranges
please gentle people don't have the players only the game
Way toooooo many coins dammit.
Will the gold coin be offered on-line to non ANA attendees at the same time as the show?
13- 50th anniversary Kennedy half dollars is ridiculous!!!
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I must agree with most of these comments but folks keep in mind the mint is run by the federal government who, outside of a few, could not care less about the people of our country. Send your 'coin operated' senator $100k then you might get a response.
I hope that this is the way that the US Mint will end the Kennedy Half Dollar era. Personally, I've enjoyed collecting these relatively inexpensive coins and now, to see a gold Kennedy half and a reverse proof half as well is icing on top of the cake. Please Mint Officials, make this the 50th and final year. I'm running out of pages in my album.
they'll be rocketing through the system, i'm sure
Oh boy! More coins to make money with on eBay! Thank you US Mint!
totally ridiculous . people if you have any sense don't buy these and let the greedy money mongers eat them . only the grading services will make out !
The dealers at the Baltimore show we're buying them from regular customers on the way out.
Another milking of money from the US Mint. Can't just have the one set... gotta have all these different variations. I predict this one will fail. Make your money flipping these now because they'll tank later. The JFK is a nowhere coin.
Count me out. I don't want any of them!
It's time to end the series and return the half to the status it had prior to 1964 as a circulating coin. There's no reason to need multiple quarters to make change any more than multiple nickels would be needed in place of dimes.

Coin denominations haven't been tied to precious metals and hence sizes for 50 years, so if the old 31 mm diameter is too big make the new coin smaller / multi-sided / bimetallic / whatever. Maybe the design could honor Teddy Roosevelt, or rotate through important NON-politicians like Edison or Carver.

It's time to end the series and return the half dollar to the circulating status it had before 1964. Sure, we've learned to use oceans of quarters to make change but is that any more sensible than saying we don't need dimes because two nickels will do the same job?

Coin sizes haven't been tied to intrinsic values since 1965, so if the old 31 mm diameter is too big, make the new coin smaller. It can be multi-sided or bimetallic if that would help. If we're insisting on dead presidents, surely Teddy Roosevelt is as worthy as anyone to appear on a coins. Or for that matter, get away from politicians and have an ongoing "great Americans" series - Edison, Carver, the Wrights for example.

Any that are mint to demand are a pass..
Get rid of the cent, half dollar and $1 bill. That's my two cents' worth (until those cents are hopefully discontinued).
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The mint will continue to release these coins at major coin events like this as long as the demand is high. Look at the sales they got from the reverse proof buffalo last year and the baseball coins this year. Not only did they sell out at the shows, but the buzz they created got many people online to buy them out (baseball) in just a few days. If the mint can continue to sell at those levels, why would they not do it?

Unfortunately, this leads to the big dealers with the deep pockets buying up all the free coins in the show. If regular people come and buy one for themselves, they are not going to turn down a couple hundred bucks to buy the maximum allowable and sell them to the dealer. If the mint wanted to curb this they could and just limit everyone to 1 of each coin/set being sold. The big dealers would have to work really hard to get lots of people in line if the limits were low. But then you would have really long lines and collectors who are only able to visit the show for one day may not choose to spend it standing in line for a coin they could order and have shipped to their door.
Be careful what you wish for, a released on demand coin is about as valuable as your common uncirculated coins. If you want it, get it early, its that simple. All these cry babies about "on demand" releases ruined the future collector value of several recent sets, and in the end all you end up paying for is overpriced uncirculated coins in special packaging with no future appreciation value (in other words a "rip off"). I dont like getting ripped off and paying 10x spot price for a common uncirculated coin, unless its something special (limited issues). I stopped buying from the US mint for that very reason, all the cry babies ruining sets with "on demand" mintages.
There may be "something for everybody" with the Kennedy issue, but beware: if you plan to buy just a few sets the moment they become available, and hope to receive them within PCGS' 30-day "First Strike" requirement -- forget it. I did that for the gold baseball coin and the two Silver Eagle commemorative sets - and my delivery dates were two and three weeks "outside" the 30-day requirement. Hence, no "First Strike" designation when slabbed, which unfortunately diminishes their value in the after market. Reason: customers with the larger orders received first shipping priority, regardless if they ordered 5 or 10 minutes later than you did. After exhaustive research and interviewing phone reps at the Mint, I found this to be the case.
It looks like the Mint will never have a competent director.
Looking forward to the reverse proof
i hope they have a new half dollar next year.
Sell your coins and buy one gallon of water and send it to the farmers in California who grow fully half of the fruit and produce that our country consumes. It will all be gone through drought and government diversion of water for the little fishies no one cares about. After all, we cannot buy coins if we cannot afford to eat. Where's Farm Aid when we need it most?
Everyone knows that the mint is in bed with some of the bigger coin dealers in this country. look who is on the board of directors just to get a clue. Its all the ex heads of the mint. PCGS and NGC welcomed them aboard as soon as there time at the mint was over. This is for real. the coin market is being controlled by the money behind these big dealers. case in point, the 2012 star spangled coin had a few days to go and all of a sudden almost 2000 of them were bought by these companies. As far as the HOF coins they over tipped their hands. Now the little guys are still waiting for the mailman to bring their coin...
In philly coin dealers paid collage kids to stand in line. Most have no idea what their doing to the world of collecting. So for 100 bucks per student these dealers will make 500 bucks a coin at least. Ebay has them for sale for $ 3500.00
Another waste of coin. IT IS A HALF DOLLAR GOLD PIECE ***NOT*** a $20, $50 or even a $100 Gold Piece. Granted it is an Anniversary coin but seriously with a mintage of 75 thousand it is still to high a mintage to be of any real value. Most gold pieces in the past rarely exceed 25 thousand pieces. Those who are purchasing these gold pieces now and paying the outlandish prices required at the moment will regret it later on when there value drops like most popular *NEW* coins do. Oh yea ordering from the US MINT? GOOD LUCK!