More than 2,000 silver coins found within walls of abandoned Florida house

The coins were found while the building was being demolished this spring
By , Coin World
Published : 08/11/14
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About 60 pounds of silver coins dated between 1917 and 1964 were found in jars behind the walls of an abandoned St. Cloud, Fla., home that was demolished in April, according to an Orlando Sentinel report

The Sentinel reports the more than 2,000 coins  —  861 half dollars, 1,016 quarter dollars, 202 dimes and three 5-cent coins — were found while a St. Cloud crew was tearing down the home, which had been abandoned after more than $500,000 worth of local code violations had been racked up by the most recent owner.

Rumors about the hoard began surfacing in recent months, according to the Sentinel, but the find wasn’t confirmed by local officials until last week. 

The coins had been quietly kept at the police department’s evidence room while the city waited for any possible owners to surface. 

Read the full Orlando Sentinel story here.

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That's where I left it!
$500,000 worth of local code violations? Talk about a tyrannical government! Sounds like the government destroyed someone's life by harassment, and they abandoned their home, forgetting to take their money with them.
Of course it's a tyrannical government harassing someone. They were hitting the owner with fines of $250.00 A DAY! for some alleged code violations. Now they have torn down his property, and are confiscating and keeping what they found in it, like it belongs to them! Piracy is not dead.
all taxes are is goverement sponserd extortion.
If the owners squirreled away sixty POUNDS worth of silver in their wall, don't you think they probably had the scratch to pay off the code fines before they started piling up? Maybe they were survivalists/anti-gov't crazies. So c'mon, people!!
Maybe it belonged to the previous owners, and the current owners didn't know??