Mint's American Eagle silver bullion coin inventory growing with unsold coins

More than half of 2,204,500-coin allocation June 20 is carryover from previous weeks
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Published : 06/20/16
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More than half of the American Eagle silver bullion coins offered to authorized purchasers June 20 by the U.S. Mint are unsold coins carried over from previous weeks' allocations.

The June 20 allocation of 2,204,500 coins reflects the week's primary allocation of 1 million coins, with the other 1,204,500 coins available being unsold inventory remaining from previous weeks' allocations.

The current cumulative 2016 sales total through June 17 is 24,795 coins. In the first six months of 2015, sales of 21,786,000 coins were recorded.

Cumulative sales are updated daily Monday through Friday before the close of business each day and can be accessed on the Mint's website, here.

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